Kagari Arnoldi

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Hand printed & painted

Hand rolled & stitched edges

150 x 45 cm





An exhibition of original silk scarfs from the silk painter Kagari Arnoldi

Friday 5 November - Sunday 5 January 2021

“My creative journey with silk has taught me to be curious, experimental, bold, mysterious, dramatic, tranquil, meditative, and harmonious.”

Born and raised in Japan, Kagari moved to England in the 70s. Her artistic practice is informed by the enduring themes of Japanese art-making - the natural world, time and impermanence, and wabi-sabi: the beauty of imperfection.

With a background in watercolour painting, Kagari has enjoyed the transition from paper and canvas to silk, from a static medium to one that can either hang from a wall, or dress the body as wearable art, or even be placed outside and move with the wind. 

Drawing upon the importance of seasonal change in Japanese art, much of Kagari’s work depicts the cycles of nature, whether it’s newly bloomed flowers in spring or the changing colour of a slowly decaying leaf towards the winter.

Seeking to grip the viewer, her expression of nature on silk conveys a range of moods, from melancholy to hope.

"To create one's own world takes courage." Georgia O'Keeffe

Kagari has exhibited her work at various art and design fairs around London and the Netherlands

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