UNION STREET - Megan Georgia Smith

Megan Georgia Smith

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Acrylic on Canvas
19.69x23.62 inches (50x60 cm)
Depth of Canvas is 3.5cm
By Megan Georgia Smith

Megan’s creative practice is centered around class, youth culture, and the condition of being human. The artist grew up in Aldershot, so imagery in her paintings are influenced by Megan’s own background, and her current social and cultural surroundings. Stereotypes of working-class folk and young people are a common motif in her works, because these are the people, she feels she most identifies with in society, as 22-year-old with working-class roots. By amplifying such stereotypes, she illustrates a dark sense of humour, critiquing and mocking the idea that every WC/ young person can be categorized this way (when of course - they cannot). 
Instagram: @megangeorgiasmith
Twitter: @megangsmithart
Facebook: Megan Georgia Smith  

This artwork is Click and Collect only and will be available to pick up from West End Centre, Aldershot between Monday 20 – Tuesday 21 December 2021.

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