What hovers in the dark - Evangelina Martinez Peñalver

Evangelina Martinez Peñalver

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What Hovers in The Dark

11,61 x 8,26

Pencil and Pens


Evangelina Martinez Peñalver


Primarily, Evangelina is a carer with a real calling to work with the disenchanted people of this world who have lost homes and, in some cases, family due to conflict or natural disaster which has forced them to flee their native land. However, there is another string to her bow, a creative energy which she has until recently kept under wraps like so many artists who fail to see the merit in their own work. These fine pen, ink and watercolour drawings, hovering somewhere between abstract and representational, require quite a commitment of time as the pen seldom leaves the piece from start to finish. The most amazing feature is Evangelina will not start with an idea but allows the actual process to create the finished image, often having to rotate the piece to see what has been achieved and to give it a title.

This art work is 'Click and Collect' only and will be available for pick up from Forest Arts Centre New Milton in January 2022. 

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